Lastest main projects

ZAWP (Since 2008)

ZAWP stands for Zorrotzaurre Art Work in Progress, a movement that was created in 2008 to address the meanwhile state that is created while the urban development plan for the neighborhoods of Ribera de Deusto and Zorrotzaurre is finished. In order to revitalize the area from its previous industrial history, we are working to change the landscape of the peninsula through culture and creativity, and encouraging people to see what the area has to offer.

hACERIA Aretoa

Since it was founded seventeen years ago, La Haceria has served as a versatile space for creation and exhibition. The first project of la Asociación hACERIA Arteak was reconverting the sawmill into the space that it is today.

The Origin Of Spaces (#OOSEU) (European project 2014-2017)

Participants : Association Les Darwiniens, Bordeaux, France (eco-creative group), LX Factory, Lisboa (eco-creative group), London Borough of Lewisham, Londres, Reino Unido, (City Hall), Capture projects, Londres, United Kingdom (creative cluster), Rojc, Pula, Croacia (eco-creative group), and ZAWP, Bilbao, Basque Country (eco-creative group).

The aim of this project is to work in collaboration for sharing, development and implementation of innovative practices in the creation and eco-creative groups field.

Proyecto Crehabana: La Ciudad Creativa Como Modelo De Regeneración Urbana Y Social En El Contexto De La Habana Vieja (2014-2017)

This project is drived by Tecnalia and “Oficina del Historiador de la Habana Vieja”.  It seeks to contribute to the strengthening of the endogenous process of local development and urban transformation as a vector of the economic growth and sustainable local transformation in the Historic Centre of La Habana. This contribution will be made through the implementation of a model of urban regeneration and local socio-economic orientation towards the evolution of the Centro Histórico de La Habana, like a laboratory of a creative city.

FASTLAb (2013)

It is an networking event where different collectives, artists, creators, students, coworkers… from two countries are choosen.  All of them participate in an active way sharing knowledge and experiences.

In 2013 took place both editions of FASTLab involved representatives from Bilbao and Bordeaux. In the first edition the groups were divided to work on workshops with different themes. In the second edition they worked with the ideas, projects and products born in the previous one. This way, they tried to reinforce the initial connection between the people, companies and collective participants with the aim to begin the design of the proposed projects and move these forward.

Euoportculture_ the culture of the European port city. (Humanities in the European Reseach Area) (Inst. Of Leisure of the University of Deusto and Bilbao Metropoli 30,2015)

The aim is to analyse the potential of the locale cultural in the Euopean city port, as an element of cohesion. Bilbao Metropoli-30 association works together with the institute of leisure studies on the university of Deusto in the European project.

Artxan Anda Revitalization proposal by Artxanda platform and IMB Arquitectos (2015).

The aim of this proposalis to obtain urban fundamental improvements that can affect to the people of Artxanda (Bilbao), neighbours or visitants of any age or physical condition.

From that positive evolution, it wants to promote and put in value the ecosystem, putting the area closer to the city and the imaginary of the people from Bilbao and picking up its history as a nature and leissure place.


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