Asociation´s aims

  • Our aim as a non-profit organisation is to improve art, culture and heritage, as well as to integrate and transform areas, communities, and organizations.
  • Practicing cultural and creative activities and developing artistic and creative objects and the associated problems.
  • Reflecting and reinterpreting the urban transformation of La Ribera (Ribera de Deusto and Ribera de Zorrotzaurre) through creation.
  • Stimulating the opportunities for using different old buildings for creative initiatives /purposes.
  • To promote education (not formal) throughout workshops that make it possible to experiment inside different disciplines which are part of innovative art and creativity.
  • Conserving and maintaining the historical memories and historical value of La Ribera in Bilbao.
  • Promotion, development, dynamization and giving an impulse to industrial and cultural tourism that contributes to the economical development.
  • Making the post-industrial areas useful again in an economical and social way by creating new opportunities based on culture, innovation, entrepreneurship and creativity.
  • Prototyping tools and methodologies to be used in the development of similar processes of other former industrial areas.
  • Developing contact between institutions, private companies and citizens.
  • Motivating and coordinating ideas, projects and programmes for promoting the equality between men and women.

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